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For Sale two Gold dredging claims on North Fork of FortyMile river in Alaska.   www.midwesttreasure.com/ClaimsForSale/DefaultClaimsForSale.htm I have only spent about three days on these two claims in the 6 years I owned them and since I have more claims than I can mine right now, these Claims are being sold. Pictures were taken in 2013 and 2014 during my first and second trip to Alaska while I was testing the claims. I have only worked a few of the crevices and one small patch of the18 acres that are available for dredging on these claims. There are about 9 Acres of river area for each claim. The picture is of the gold that was found during that 3-4 day testing. The picture of camp is from our 2018 visit. These claims are river bottom dredging claims only and not for metal detecting or high banking. Access is by jet boat in high water or, Hovercraft in low water. All fees, paper work, and permits are up to date. $2,000 or 2 ounces Clean Gold for each claim. Claim Names / Claim numbers Sassy Kat II  ADL: 662302 Sassy Kat III  ADL: 662303 The claims are next to each other for a total of 1/2 mile of river dredging. Note: These are "Claims" and not "Land" for sale. Contact:    Owner: Dan Gross    Email: DanGross@MidwestTreasure.com    Phone: 262 - 347 6632 (No text messages please as my phone does not accept them) You can check out the status and location of the claims at the Alaska Mapper site:  http://dnr.alaska.gov/mapper/controller
Sassy Kat II Bottom Looking North Sassy Kat III North East Corner Clean-up After 10 Hours Dreadging
Sassy Kat II Bottom Looking North
Sassy Kat III North East Corner
Clean-up after 10 Hours Dredging