About Wausau Prospectors

First meeting of Wausau Prospectors was at the Labor Temple in Wausau.

Wausau Prospectors Club started it’s first meeting on the 1st Saturday of August, 2007. The first thing on the agenda was to elect the officers,  for President, Robert Hoffman won the majority of votes, for Vice President, Mike McKee won the majority, for Secretary, Theresa McKee won the majority, and for Treasurer, Floyd Olson won the majority. Wausau Prospectors Club was now the fourth GPAA Chapter in Wisconsin.  Meetings are the 1st Saturday of month at Cedar Creek Mall in the Community Room 11:00am. As the months past the officers appointed other offices to help take on some of the other responsibilities, Kurt Bublitz was nominated to the position of Procurement Officer and Tom Pawlak was elected to Community Outreach Officer. Peggy Gremler is an avid Scrap Book maker and she volunteered to make a scrap book of the club outings and other events for the club.  When the club saw the scrap book they voted to make her the Club Historian. That’s kind of what happened with me, I enjoy designing websites and asked the club if they would like a Wausau Prospectors Website and the next thing I know I’m the Club Web Master. This August 2016 our 8th anniversary and we are still growing and getting better. Each year we have great summer prospecting outings and have fun times camping and prospecting as a club. Just check out the Events page plan on joining us, you won’t regret it! It’s the most fun you can have with your whole family and maybe you will find some gold. Rick Gremler, Club Webmaster
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